Events 2018



BUFF® Trail Tour Finland is a series of seven most prominent trail running events in Finland. Each event has one distance specific to the tour and its participants are rewarded with points. The overall ranking of a runner consists of the four best set of points collected during the season. In 2018, the series will grow with a new event Aulanko Tower Trail. For more information about the individual events, please have a look at the event websites. Other trail running events in Finland can be found in the event calendar of the whole season.

1. Bodom Trail 21km 5.5.

Keväinen metsä valloitti Bodom Trailin juoksijoiden sydämet. Kuva: Aapo Laiho

Bodom Trail often coincides with the first warm spring days. Photo: Aapo Laiho

BUFF® Trail Tour starts with Bodom Trail in Pirttimäki recreational area in Espoo near Helsinki. Up to 1250 runners will get a place in this event that is among the most popular trail runs in Finland. With 6, 12 and 21km distances, Bodom Trail is a great opportunity to try trail running for the first time. The 21k distance collects the best trail runners in Finland for a fast pace season opening. The specialty of the event is that 12km and 21km runners will start together. You can decide during the run whether to finish after the first 12km loop or to go for Trail Tour rankings on the full course.  Kids and juniors have their own start on the 6km course. Registration starts on 11.12.2017.

2. NUTS Karhunkierros 53km 25.-26.5.

Vain muutama lumiläikkä pilkutti Kuusamon upeita vaaramaisemia NUTS Karhunkierroksella. Kuva: Aapo Laiho

NUTS Karhunkierros views in Ruka, Kuusamo. Photo: Aapo Laiho

NUTS Karhunkierros follows the most famous hiking trails in Finland, Karhunkierros in Kuusamo, near the Russian border. The event has gained legendary reputation due to the challenging weather conditions. It could be wading through knee-deep snow due to late spring, excitement with the Oulanka river spring flood or any other surprises that the spring in tundra may come up with. Distances include 31km from Juuma to Ruka, 53km from Oulanka Nature Center to Ruka with BUFF® Trail Tour points, 80km ultra of full Karhunkierros and the opening event of Ultra Trail Tour Finland, 160km/100miles with Karhunkierros trail back and forth. Maximum amount of participants is 2500. The event is currently sold out but starting slots will become available due to cancellations.

3. Aulanko Tower Trail 22km 30.6.


Aulanko Tower Trail is a new event in Buff Trail Tour Finland. Its 22km course is the second shortest option to collect Trail Tour points. Aulanko nature reserve in Hämeenlinna, 100km from Helsinki, has been a popular destination with visitors and nature enthusiasts for more than a hundred years. The forest park of Aulanko and the view from Aulangonvuori hill over a beautiful lake landscape are a perfect backdrop for a high class trail run. The 22km route with over 550m of ascent is quite hilly for Southern Finland. Registration opens on 17.12.2017. Max 700 starting places.

4. NUTS Pallas 56km 13.-14.7.


Näkymä 134km:n reitillä Äkäskerolta Pallakselle. Kuva: Aapo Laiho

Since its first edition in 2013 NUTS Pallas is Finland’s biggest ultra run. It is the only Ultra Trail World Touring Discovery Race in Finland and will attract more than 1000 runners this year to three different distances. BUFF® Trail Tour distance is one of the most traditional hiking trails in Finland, 55km/1600m+ from Pallas to Hetta. Ultra Trail Tour runners start from Ylläs and finish in Hetta 134km later. A 30km loop in Äkäslompolo on Ylläs and Kesänki fells caters to those who want a highly technical but a bit shorter challenge. Even a combo of 23+55km is available.  The event center is located in the village of Hetta in Enontekiö, far beyond the Arctic Circle. Registration opens on 21.11.2017.

5. PYHÄ Tunturimaraton 43km 11.8.


Tunturimaratonin viimeinen nousu Kultakeron laelle tarjoaa upeat näkymät Noitatunturin ja Luoston suuntaan. Kuva: Jaakko Posti

Tunturimaraton takes place in the oldest national park in Finland, Pyhätunturi, about 100km North of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle. Wonderful landscapes, rocky ravines, open taiga forest and great trails are a trail runner’s dream come true. In some places, rocky ground slows down the pace and the final climb to Kultakero and the downhill to the finish line ensure that you will feel the run in your legs a day later. Distances 10km, 21,5km and 43km/1150m+, the longest one being part of BUFF® Trail Tour. All kinds of outdoor activities and trail running program for both kids and adults is available during the whole weekend, making the event especially suitable for families. Registration starts in January 2018. 500 start places.

6. Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon 42km 1.9.

Sarkkisen rantapolku on tyypillistä Nuuksiota - lammenrantoja, avokallioita ja avaraa männikköä. Polkujuoksijan keho rasittuu, mutta mieli lepää. Kuva: Poppis Suomela

Nuuksiossa juostaan karuja kallioita ja mutkittelevia rantapolkuja. Kuva: Poppis Suomela

The 7th edition of Nuuksio Classic is one of the classics of Finnish trail running. Full marathon, no other distances, lots of lakes and smooth rock surfaces and open pine forests make it a unique experience near Helsinki. The undulating terrain and technical trails along lakesides make a tough course with about 1000m of ascent. The event has been praised for its inspiring atmosphere and smooth organisation. Registration starts on 1.3.2018. 750 start places.

7. Vaarojen Maraton 43km 6.10.

Vaarojen Maratonilla juostaan mahtavissa maisemissa. Tässä näkymiä Jauholanvaaralta Herajärvelle. Kuva: Aapo Laiho

Koli national park is the home for the hallmark of Finnish trail runs, Vaarojen Maraton / Marathon of Dangers. From the first trial of just a handful of runners in 2006, it has grown to a unique event that is on the to-do-list of Finnish trail runners year after year. The course follows a hiking trail around Herajärvi. It offers North Carelian lake and hill landscapes at their best. The trails are slow and technical. The infamous Ryläys descent and the last climb from Pielinen shore to the top of Koli are making many runners restless in advance. The weather in October can be anything from a golden autumn day to a snow storm. The 43 km distance is the final of BUFF® Trail Tour Finland with 25% higher points compared to other races. 131 km ultra distance rounds up the Ultra Trail Tour Finland. The winners of both tours will be recognised in the race party. Other distances are 14km and 86km. Registration is open in May. If there are more registered runners than available bibs, the participation rights will be drawn.

Ultra Trail Tour Finland 2018 includes the longest distances of NUTS Karhunkierros, NUTS Pallas and Vaarojen Maraton.