Each race has an individual sign up. However, all runners in the BUFF® Trail Tour Finland will be calculated an overall score without a separate sign up. This means that you do not have to sign up for the whole series, but your scores will be calculated automatically from the races you do take part in.

In the 2016 series points scored from races will be calculated in regards to the finishing time of the winner. All runners will score points. The final of the series is Vaarojen Maraton, where the points will be multiplied by 1,25.  In addition to the 43 km results at Vaarojen Maraton the scoring will include the comparable split time to the first loop of the 86 km race.

The formula used for calculating the scores is as follows:


(Pisteet = points, kilpailija=runner)

where a runner’s time difference to the winner:


(Kilpailija = runner, voittaja = winner)

and the time in which the points are cut in half :


(Voittaja = winner)

In practice this means that the winner will get 100 points, from which the points will drop according to the time difference so, that with a result of :

  • 1,25 x the winning time scores 50 points
  • 1,5 x the winning time scores 25 points
  • 1,75 x the winning time scores 12,5 points etc.

For example: The winning time in a race is exactly one hour. It follows that the time for points to be cut in half is 15 minutes. Therefore finishing the race in 1:15.00 earns 50 point, finishing in 1:30.00 earns 25 points etc. Whereas a finishing time of 1:01.00 would earn  100*2^-(1/15) = 95,48 points.

In the final the winner scores 125 points and in correlation all scores are 1,25 higher than in the other events.

In each race points will be calculated separately for men and women. Calculations are done with a two decimal point accuracy. In the overall scoring for the series four highest scores of each runner will be used.

The scores and ranking will be updates on this page as soon as possible after each race. After each race the lead runners will be given a series leader shirt.

At the end of the series the male and female runners with the highest overall score will take home the title of Champion of BUFF® Trail Tour Finland and the titles of Finland’s toughest trail runner. In addition awards will be given to those with the most top three results and the most races under their belts.